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Concrete transforms from powder to liquid to a strong and solid structure. Like many mediums of art, it allows for expression and creativity. Concrete has inspired me to take on another artistic endeavor in tandem with soapmaking. Alas, here is the concrete soap dish!

Each concrete soap dish is individually made with great attention to detail. No one dish is the same. Each piece has unique features, that include pores and crevices, as it is the character and aesthetic of concrete. Every dish is water bathed, cured, hand-sanded, and sealed. The soap dishes are colored with premium pigments, which deliver vibrant, eye catching colors. The soap dishes are sanded in order to provide a smooth finish. Finally, they are triple sealed to protect the concrete from water absorption and to enhance its beautiful pigment. The colors were inspired by the vibrance of Greece, past and present.

Drainage holes allows for the soap to drain and dry for a longer lasting soap.

Please Note: If item is back ordered, it requires approximately two weeks processing time for pickup or delivery.

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